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About Henry Dairy Farms

  Learn how Henry Farms was born in 1918 on 150 acres and 15 cows and how the Henry Family have grown it to 500 acres and 100 cows. Henry Farms specializes in raw milk and A2 milk and now sells locally around the Knox, Pennsylvania area, Clarion County. Follow their journey as they continue to overcome struggles to provide their town with the highest quality A2 milk. Clarion University Small Business Department has helped the Henry Family develop a business plan to procure the materials needed to apply for a grant to help build and market their business. In recent years, Henry Farms has faced hardships around the same pandemic that many local businesses have faced. However, through relationships...

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COVID Precautions

Learn what Henry Dairy Farm is doing to protect everyone from COVID-19 and the precautions we advise you to take before visiting our farm.

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